Welcome to Messy Bakery! We are very happy that you came to visit our little online shop. My name is Anya and my brother’s name is Andres.


When we grow up, we want to open a real bakery - with actual doors and windows. Our parents said it is never too early to start learning how to run a bakery, so we decided to start learning and selling right now - online!


Luckily, our mom studied patisserie and bakery in school, so she is in charge of all the baking (and everything else we don’t know how to do just yet!). I help her by preparing the ingredients and sifting the flour. My brother helps by cracking and beating the eggs (those that don’t end up on the floor!). Even though we often make a mess in the kitchen, we manage to come up with yummy treats. We are selling our favorites here in Messy Bakery so that you can enjoy them in your homes too.


Our products will be simple goodies made special because they are baked with the same care and the same quality ingredients used by our mom when she bakes for us – you’ll be sure to get our household's best! We will also make them just in time for pick-up because we know they are at their yummiest when it is fresh from the oven!


Thank you very much for visiting Messy Bakery and we hope you find something yummy for you or your loved ones to enjoy!


- Anya (11 years old) and Andres (7 years old)